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Plumpalicious! Upcoming Events:

Plumpalicious! Chicago

Plumpalicious! Milwaukee

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Phone: +1 (312) 834-Plump


Plumpalicious is an INCLUSIVE social nightclub style promotion for those people of size (also called Plus Size and or BBW, BHM/thick and fat) and their admirers. We wanted to create a nightclub style event for us big folks to shake our a**es off without politics. We are located in Chicago and Milwaukee.


We play what is also known as Rhythmatic/Urban styles of dance music. These music styles combine current and old school R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, House, Latin, Dancehall/Reggae and the occasional danceable pop and our DJs are skilled remixers (we spin videos as well). Our playlist is a combination of dance music currently played in popular nightclubs in Atlanta New York and San Francisco, as well as music heard on radio stations WiLD 105.7, Star 94 (on Saturday nights), Kiss 104, and V-103. We also play a lot of Old School "Club Classics" including 80s pop and new wave that you would hear frequently on The 70's/80's radio stations. 

Our last 30 minutes is cool down music, trip hop, chillout and  R&B slow jams (depending on the crowd). Expect the same atmosphere that you would see in popular upscale Atlanta nightclubs (including styles of music) except that we cater to people of size and those who love us. 


We welcome everyone at our events, from those who are liberal to those who are conservative. We welcome those who lead adventurous lifestyles and those who are comfortable around those who do.  Even so, we are NOT a meat market!  We all know that some people who go to "regular" nightclubs come with the goal of hooking up with people more or less and PLUMPALICIOUS IS NO DIFFERENT! We have people who come out looking for love or love for a minute. However, people that we encourage to come to are people who are into socializing and dancing to nightclub style music. If you come to PLUMPALICIOUS looking to get "lucky", find a husband or wife or a one night stand, you are coming for all the wrong reasons and will probably be disappointed but we aren't saying that doesn't happen either. 


We welcome ALL at PLUMPALICIOUS and market to those of size and those who love us. While we celebrate our size by having our events catering to people like us WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL GROUP! We have several hot big and thick women and men and those who love us that attend and most come just for the party atmosphere. Of course like any other event, there's always the exception. PLUMPALICIOUS only screens lyrics for content regarding fat issues. You won't hear "Ain't Gonna Bump No More With No Big Fat Woman" at our parties,  however you might hear lyrics to which someone conservative might object. 


Our dress code varies depending on location and event. Each press release will reflect dress codes. PLUMPALICIOUS only hosts a few theme parties a year including Pardi Gras, our homage to the Carnival celebration throughout the world and Halloween. PLUMPALICIOUS prides itself on being the gumbo pot of the Size acceptance club scene. Most people who come to PLUMPALICIOUS are from various races, religions, sexual orientation and/or preferences and sizes. Thin people who are comfortable with those of size are also welcome at PLUMPALICIOUS.  We aren't a white club, or a black club or a interracial (black/white) club, we are a multicultural club! Love for all!  If you are looking for a nightclub that discriminates, then we aren't the club for you. We pride ourselves on our diversity! 


Because PLUMPALICIOUS doesn't own the venues that we promote our events at we require a two drink minimum. This is because our venues expect to make revenue at our events, we pay a rental fee to use their facilites and guarantee the bar will make a certain amount of income. Many nightclubs also have this same type of rule. We appreciate you understanding. 

If you have any questions regarding PLUMPALICIOUS  please e-mail us at PLUMPALICIOUSBBW@GMAIL.COM